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Longboard Events Calendar 2023

Let's skate together...

I was meeting people off the internet to go skate long before it was socially acceptable.*

But today, you don't have to do that - there are a bunch of events organised by relatively sensible people for you to choose from.

Always a highlight, skate events provide endless inspiration, new friends and good times. The past few years has been a struggle, for obvious reasons.

Enter 2023: restrictions are but a memory, events are back on!

Whether you like to dance, cruise, bomb hills, slide or simply sit and have a chat - there's something for you.

Check out the 2023 events calendar here.

If you're organising something, let us know. We'll add it to the calendar, we can send out an email, we might even have prizes should you so require.

Talking of prizes...

MattGPT doesn't work for free - and we've tried out the heat gun recipes you've sent us over the last 6 weeks or so.

We've done everything from chicken stew to Belgian waffles, and even "eggs, cheese and onions with pepper lol" - which wasn't half bad.

The winner of a new set of Cult Wheels is...

Ewan M - with the no-flip blueberry and banana pancakes.

Thank you all - sincerely - for the effort and the nice dinners and desserts. If you sent something in, we'll be in touch shortly with a discount code as a small token of our appreciation.

More silly ways to give away product coming soon.

What's the plan for the weekend - are you coronationing or are you taking advantage of the quieter roads?
Matt @ Vandem

*It did turn out ok - I now share an office with them..!

The heat gun is pretty crusty, but hey, we brought it on ourselves. Many fun lunches and dinners were created in the shop.


The infamous Vandem Freeride, feat. 2 legends of our time.
No prizes for guessing why us Brits are often referred to as the UK Breakdance Crew at events. But hey, there's no better way to learn than to try it out with your mates in a controlled environment. Get on it!!

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