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Pumptracks and funny reviews

Pumptracks and free decks?

Time to catch up on a few promises from last year!

Regular readers may remember a brief look at pumptracks that we took last September, with a promise of more in-depth content to follow.

Well 5 months later - what can I say, we've been having fun - we've got a page online with answers to some of the most asked questions we get on the topic, as well as 6 of our favourite boards to take to one.

Remember however, that there isn't really a wrong board to take. A long dancer or a drop-through might bottom out over some of the rollers, but if it's all you've got... take it!! Once you're hooked, you'll probably want something like these.

Once the season really starts, we'll be having weekly evening sessions on the various Bristol tracks - stay tuned here and on the Vandem email newsletter for more news as the days get longer and warmer.

*OK, so this may not be the pumptrack you were looking for. But just 2 miles from the shop at Hillfields, where we stopped during the Bristol Board Meeting, there is a 2nd pumptrack currently being built - just for us!


Bristol local Tilly getting some love from pumptrack wizards Velosolutions! Yeeha

Review contest

Last year, one stoked customer offered us their hypothetical daughter for marriage they were that happy with their new board. This got us laughing... a lot.

And so, to get us through to New Year, we put a Lush Longboards deck on offer - all you had to do was make us laugh with your review.

Well, Anthony Croft, we've sent you an email to ask you what board you want. We'll throw some more risers in if you like, too!!

 Anthony Croft, Sabre Standard Risers I leapt with glee when my new riser pads for my deck were despatched a bit pronto. Within 10 minutes I was cruising some 5mm higher which as a short man was appreciated immensely and turned a few heads with my lack of wheel bite and new sense of self esteem Thank you men of Vandem Can't stop but keep rolling. Anthony Croft


We did get a nice amount of other giggles. If you see your review in the following list, you'll be receiving a code for 10% off your next purchase.

 Elliot B, Orangatang Knuckles Bushings. Took me a second. Great work.

Hard of hearing Septuagenarian to wife: “I’m trying to write a review, how do you spell Orangatang?”

Wife: biting lip, “Well you need 3 a’s”

Septuagenarian: (putting pen down) “My life is just one big joke to you isn’t it Linda?”

Mr S, Sabre Bearing Lube. Made me spit out my coffee. The bearing lube was delicious
Melissa C, Sabre Trucks Boltset. No idea what she means.

Say-bruh, don't be a domehead!

You'd be off yer nuts to skate without the most impressive 1" in ya life!

Lucy H, Sabre Built-in Labyinth Bearings. I'm sure I don't know what she means either. can’t thank vandem enough, they sorted me out with a set of bearings and a cute boyfriend!! both still working with occasional lube, those boys just go the extra mile :))

Thanks for keeping us smiling through winter!

We'll have more contests soon with goodies up for grabs, and perhaps not what you're expecting. Get your chef hats on, details to follow in a few weeks...

Until next week,
Matt @ Vandem


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