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How to: Get the most out of shorter evenings!

What's about these pumptracks, then?

Usually, longboard pumping is a horizontal motion along a level plane.

Pumptracks turn that on it's side - it's all up and down - and they're popping up everywhere!

Fantastic fun in themselves, and a great way to get into skating transition for those interested. It's also really knackering, so a good pump is a great way to feel like you've had a proper session as the nights begin to draw in...

And while "long distance pumping" requires quite some tweaking to get a setup working for you, it's much easier to jump into a pumptrack with your board and do just fine.

In our neck of the woods the Bristol scene is going crazy. The girls are leading the way and will share tips, boards and kneepads if you want to have a go!

While we work on some more in-depth content for the site, here's a starter for those reading down this far. These are the types of boards that go great in the pumptrack - they're on the shorter side, and a kicktail is nice:

  • Sonia now rides a Nomad (my favourite... stoked!)
  • Hannah rips a Dinghy with Sabre trucks and Otangs
  • Tilly shreds an Arbor Pilsner
  • Claire - just out of shot - pumptracks her Throttle (Rich's favourite)
  • Jack could ride a quiche (Rob's favourite) and make it look good


The next session is happening at Hartcliffe pumptrack, 5:30pm onwards, Wednesday 21st September. See you there...

Please note, we are joining the world in mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on Monday - we won't be shipping anything now until Tuesday. The Queen was a great fan of Vandem Longboard Shop and let us use her face on everything we put in the post box.

Regular readers will no doubt be thrilled to hear that I fixed my van (fuel hose) and got a replacement board out next day for the lost one. Big smiles.

Everything is as it should be,
Matt @ Vandem

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3 weeks to go until the Bristol Board Meeting!
Shirts and ties ready, we'll see you at Green Park at 10:30am, rain or shine...


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