Lush Nomad

Lush Nomad

The new full sized cruiser board from Lush Longboards, specced with way bigger wheels for more speed, grip and comfort.

The Nomad comes in at 30" long by 9.125" wide. In our opinion this is just about ideal for most adult sized skaters while still being much smaller than a full sized longboard.

This is the HighRoller version of the Nomad - a real monster truck of a cruiser board! 70mm+ wheels on a cruiser is pretty crazy but with the right setup, truck width, bushings and risers, it works a treat.

The massive wheels on the HighRoller are a far whack bigger than the standard 55-65mm wheels you'll find on most cruisers. They'll have a higher top speed, tons of grip and feel all round smooooooth. A great choice if your commute features some questionable road surfaces like ours here in Bristol.

Any reasons you wouldn't want massive wheels on a cruiser, then? Well, they weigh more, and the higher ride height makes ollies/tricks feel a little strange at first. If you want to be jumping a lot, a 65mm wheel would be an advantage. To get up a curb on this one, I tend to use the old "one two" - wheelie the front up then get my foot on the nose to lever the back up.

Rather than just cut a cruiser shape out of a skateboard like a lot of the other options available, the team at Lush decided to start from scratch. The concave is more mellow, the tail is full-sized and functional, and there is no nose at all.

Cruisey concave keeps it comfortable under your feet for a day of rolling around, and a nose isn't really important for cruising. Without one, the comfy concave carries on all the way to the front of the board and you've got a roomier standing platform.

Keeping thing compact means it's super easy to carry about when hopping on the bus or tube and convenient to stash under a desk when you rock up to work.

These beauties are pre gripped and built ready to rip right out of the box.

We've got two setups available here, the Elite and Pro.

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