New Skate Product, Sabre Trucks -

New Sabre Bushing Footstops - In Stock Now!

Check out this quick, simple and effective footstop solution from Sabre Trucks!

Despite all the "proper" footstops you can get buy out there, we know quite a few freeride and downhill longboarders who prefer to just use a bushing instead. It's small, out of the way, isn't going to eat you if you land on it, isn't going to munch your shoes, and just about gives you enough grip for those monster toeside standups and predrifts.

This kit from Sabre is only £5.50, and it simply drops into one of your existing deck mounting holes. It comes with a proper stainless steel Imperial threaded bolt, so it'll work with any skate tool - no need to got hunting through your Dad's toolbox for a 3mm Allen Key.

You can choose your shape  - Cone, Barrel or Kingcone - to get the exact feel you want.

Nab yourself one right here!


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