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Landyachtz 2024 Lineup is here!

It's a good time to remind you

That we offer a 10% discount code to anyone who can find a typo or some false information on the website.

Because I've just spent a week smashing my keyboard to list the whole new Landyachtz 2024 lineup and if I'm gonna make mistakes... it's now!

While Rich has been running around with his camera shooting the myriad of new boards and I've been getting frustrated with conflicting information on what wheels we're expecting on what boards... there have been moments of solace.

Like when we unpacked this beast:

13 years ago the Wolfshark blew minds - kids worldwide were editing their skate photos onto space backgrounds and the race for the longest standup slide was on, led by a fresh-faced Wolfgang Coleman on his new signature deck.

It got uglier and yet more beautiful for 5 years until it disappeared... until now: classic graphic, modernised size, concave and rocker.

If you're one of the people that's been asking us about this - now is your time to fight it out because we only have one in stock!

You get a feeling when you take things out of boxes. And this drop felt good.

It's hard to pick favourites but some highlights include:

The graphics this year are popping.

A sprinkling of tigers and pinecones as can be expected, but thankfully no new middle-fingers-riding-motorbikes... those things went like very cold cakes.

Let me know if you enjoyed having a gander at all the new stuff - was it worth us tearing our hair out?

Swell arrives tomorrow - time for me to put some pasta on,
Matt @ Vandem


A new "Lighthouse" graphic for the Drop Hammer... like many things, this one looks way better in real life than it does on the internet.


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