Landyachtz Tugboat

Landyachtz Tugboat

The Landyachtz Tugboat. It's the lesser-known big brother of the Dinghy, but what it's missing in cult following it more than makes up for in smooth handling, comfort and all-round shredability!

What is a Landyachtz Tugboat?

The Tugboat is a medium sized (30" x 9.24") cruiser skateboard produced by Landyachtz Longboards. As the Dinghy rose in popularity around 2016, Landyachtz expanded the lineup to first include different graphic options, and later new shapes and sizes too. Thus the Dinghy Blunt and the Tugboat were born.

Whats the difference between a Dinghy and a Tugboat?

An inch and a half in length, and around an inch in width. The classic Dinghy is 28.5" x 8" compared to the Tugboat at 30" x 9.24".

The Tugboat also has a longer wheelbase and wider trucks at 155mm compared to 105mm on the Dinghy.

The numbers may seem small, but the real difference comes in the feeling of that extra trackwidth, wheelbase and standing platform. These all add up to make an overall more planted feeling without compromising much on the maneuverability - and in a package that is still small and light enough to go on a rucksack or in a locker.

Is the Landyachtz Tugboat good for beginners?

Stability is key for most beginners. In that sense, the Tugboat is a great option relative to the Dinghy - the longer wheelbase, wider trucks and bigger standing platform make it a lot more stable. If you're a beginner looking specifically for a cruiser like this, the Tugboat will be one of the most user-friendly boards to start with.

That's not to say it's purely a beginners board - the Tugboat will be with you for years to come and as civilised as it is for getting started, it's a real shredder at heart and will be happy to accompany you if you decide to start pushing harder, popping ollies and powerslides.

Can you ollie on a Landyachtz Tugboat?

For sure. The tail geometry and truck placement work perfectly with the 60mm wheels for great pop. You can really make this thing fly! 

Are all Landyachtz Tugboat the same?

Yes. At the time of writing, all Landyachtz Tugboats are the same aside from colours and graphics. 

Are there any alternatives to a Landyachtz Tugboat?

The Tugboat is far from the only cruiser skateboard available and the price tag can be offputting, especially to beginners. Luckily, there are a plethora of other mini cruisers available from a host of respected brands! Some great alternatives are:

Lush Longboards Nomad
Loaded Ballona
Loaded Ballona
Landyachtz ATV

Our favourites can be found in our Cruiser Skateboards Beginner's Guide. Alternatively, check out our detailed Cruiser Comparison guide for a closer look at all the differences between cruisers to help you make an informed decision on what will feel best under your feet!

Should I get a Dinghy or a Tugboat?

The quick answer for most people is: Tugboat. The longer and wider platform is more suited to adult feet, giving a lot of extra confidence, especially for beginners. At 155mm, the trucks are also around 50% wider than those on the Dinghy and will be a lot more stable initially, and also as you grow to tackle some descents too. For most adults looking to simply enjoy cruising and carving, we recommend the Tugboat over the Dinghy.

Having said that, the Dinghy is a fantastic option for those with small feet and for kids. For street skaters too, it will feel closer to what you know and is more responsive to flip tricks than the wider Tugboat. Both are nippy, light and agile and can easily be strapped to a backpack or thrown under a desk.

What trucks and wheels come on a Landyachtz Tugboat?

The Landyachtz Tugboat comes as standard with 155mm Polar Bear trucks, 60mm Lil EZ Hawgs wheels in 78a, and Bear Spaceballs built-in bearings.

Review Information

All Landyachtz Tugboat have an average rating of 4.97 with 20 reviews across 4 products. The highest product rating is "5" and the lowest product rating is "0".