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Which type of dad are you?


before settling down to write the newsletter, I Google the topic.

Just to see what's about.

And that's how I wasted 90 seconds of my life reading "How To Be A Skate Dad" on GQ Magazine.

Tips on boards, tricks, even what clothes to wear!

I think they could have saved themselves a lot of money on that article, because as far as I can tell, there are only two things required to be a skate dad:

  1. Get busy
  2. Go skate
Skating has no uniform, no entry requirements, no proof is necessary.

There may however be massive logistical challenges, rearranging of responsibilities, sacrifice, stiffness, excuses, self-consciousness and a whole host of aches and pains that never used to happen...

So big up all the radical dadicals.

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

If you're lucky enough to be able to, give your dad a shout this weekend.
Matt @ Vandem

Which type of dad are you?

Surfdads tend to go with the Lush Mako. Quite right, too. A classic style pintail, civilised in everyday cruising and carving, yet with the pedigree to handle it if they fancy scaring themselves.

Snowdad? Check out the Lush Freebyrd or the Landyachtz Drop Cat. Low to the ground, it's as close to a powder feeling as you can get... at least, until the Samba comes back.

Pumptrackdad, tired of letting the kids have all the fun? This guy is, too, but it needn't be that way. Check out the Loaded Omakase or the Lush Throttle and you'll be whipping it round the track in no time.

Skatedad? They tend to want what they know and luckily, the Santa Cruz reissues check that box first try. Wide platforms, high quality components... and it'd be a shame not to rebuild that backyard ramp, wouldn't it?


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