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Helmets are friends... not food

Taken any nibbles out of yours?

I love helmets.*

I saw the egg helmet demonstration as a child.

Though impressed the egg didn't break, I was there for chaos, not education.

I insisted on dropping the egg without it's helmet.

It wasn't hard-boiled, and it smashed satisfyingly on the tarmac.

Trouble is, our heads aren't hard-boiled either - nor would I recommend this as an alternative to wearing a helmet.

And that's why it's important to check your helmet periodically.

Did you know your helmet is designed to take only one crash before replacement?

In Europe, bike and skateboard helmets are designed to meet the EN 1078 certification. If it's for sale, it's certified. In that respect, choosing a helmet can be freely made on style and budget - they're all going to protect your noggin to roughly the same degree.

They protect your head by dispersing the energy of the crash away from it, reducing it to under 250Gs in the lab tests. The EPS foam compressing will transfer the energy into noise, movement and heat - they're warm to touch after a big hit.

However, it won't manage that a second time. If it did it's job, you may not even realise your head hit the floor. Replace it.

The good news is that they make great hanging baskets.

What about if it's just old?

Congratulations on not hitting your head for a few years!

The EPS foam will not degrade over time - not even for the sweatiest of us. However, the shell around it may do. If it's become faded there's a good chance it's likely to split or break in an impact, failing to give the EPS foam the support it needs to save your head.

Check your chin straps, too. If you can't buckle or tighten up your helmet it'll be as much use as a chocolate teapot in a crash. And less tasty.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing a non-crashed helmet every 5-10 years.

And, like certain other protective measures, using 3 will not enhance but reduce your level of protection.

I certainly wouldn't be here if not for my helmets over the years. Wear yours, if you want.
Matt @ Vandem

*but I couldn't eat a whole one

After a few queries, we have a cool new page in the works to show how to service your Carver C7 trucks. And boy, does it make a difference! Dropping soon.


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