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As a complete beginner I've contaced the shop for some information about longboards.
Wasn't sure what kind of information I'd get but to my surprise both Adam and Rich were incredibly patient and helpful. They have helped me with every bit of information and truly helped me not just to choose which longboard but gave me the information that helped me choose the right board for me.
Couldn't be happier with the help and with my new board and can't describe how much I'd recommend this shop.
Obrigado amigos!

Powell's Rib Bones might have gone out of fashion in the "regular" skateboarding world a couple of decades ago, but they still work! Designed to make boardsldies easier, they also protect your graphic and have a decent length to them, making them perfect for shorter longboards and bigger pool/ramp setups.

Price is for a pair of rails with mounting screws, they are super easy to install. All you need is a cross-head screwdriver - like the one on your skate tool - and you're set!

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