Pantheon Nexus Drop-through Longboard

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Pantheon Nexus Drop-through Longboard

The Pantheon Nexus could be thought of as the bigger brother of the Trip - a drop-through, drop-down symmetrical longboard with a stiff construction designed to eat up the miles all the way from your commute to crossing whole countries.

What makes it great for pushing makes it a dream for sliding, too. A low centre of gravity offers a more forgiving platform for breaking out of traction - the Nexus will drift round corners and freeride to your hearts delight.

Classic Pantheon crescent drops are stiffer and more ergonomic than your standard drops. You'll notice these whether you're pushing along, nudging it with your toe to know that your foot is in the right spot or whether you're getting sideways and jamming the sides of your feet into them as if they're snowboard boots and you're ripping down an open face in deep powder.

Being slightly longer than the Trip, it needs a bit more strength to keep the nice stiffness with the slight dampening to ease the road noise out of the ride. The Nexus features 8 plies of Canadian maple, wrapped in triaxial fibreglass with wooden veneer topsheets.

If you're a heavier rider that construction is something to take note of - this board has been tested by riders of up to 150kg with success. For a dropped platform, that's really about as good as it gets.

Plenty of space for your feet and the solid construction means that once you've got this thing up to speed... it just won't stop. Though it is pretty easy to footbrake on being so low.

A great Pantheon graphic, solid design and great manufacturing. A classic Pantheon through and through, the Nexus deserves its spot in our shop and we're stoked to show it off.

We build these up with 180mm Sabre trucks and Cult Wheels. Years of skating different combinations of decks, trucks and rock n roll wheels has led us to this setup, and we believe it offers the best quality and usability for the best value out there. Throw in the Sabre Labyrinth bearings and you've got a complete that really stands up to what it's made for. Proper job.

Pantheon Nexus Drop-through Longboard: Precision Complete Spec

Pantheon Nexus Drop-through Longboard: Elite Complete Spec

The Trip complete on offer here is built for moving smoothly, fast and quietly over terrain. Be that your commute, a mission down the local cycle path, all the way up to more intense feats such as longboard marathons, "ultraskates" (24 hours of non stop pushing - yes really! Some dudes are going over 300 miles now) or even multi-day or multi-week tours via longboard. Its a truly dedicated setup for distance and the Cultrons eat up the miles as if they're nothing - we challenge you to find a wheel that will roll faster, smoother or longer.

Pantheon Nexus Drop-through Longboard: Pro Complete Spec

Length 33.25" / 84.5cm See similar length boards
Width 9.0" / 22.9cm See similar width boards
Wheelbase 29.5" / 74.9cm - 30.25" / 76.8cm See boards with a similar wheelbase
Nose Length 0.0" / 0.0cm
Tail Length 0.0" / 0.0cm
Truck Mounting Drop through
Deck Flex Stiff
Concave Mild Concave
Deck construction Maple
Profile 3d, Microdrop
Wheel Wells Cutouts Wheel Wells

Is the Elite setup worth the extra £15?

For only an extra £15, you can upgrade the "Pro" setup to the "Elite" Level build.

The Elite setup is a pretty heavy wheel and bearing upgrade over the Pro.

You get Sabre Built-In Labyrinth Bearings - fully shielded, easy to clean, with built in bearing spacers. They roll faster and last longer than the Pro level metal shielded ABEC5 bearings.

The Elite complete also includes Cult Cultron 74mm Longboard Wheels White, poured from a higher grade urethane. Premium urethane rolls fater, lasts longer, and generally injects a whole new level of life into the board - once you've skated decent wheels, you won't want anything else!


Less obvious is the wheel upgrade. Your extra £15 gets you a set of Cult Cultron over the Pro build's Cult Emperor. Apart from the obvious size difference, the Cult Cultron are poured from a higher grade of urethane - an invisible difference that you will immediately notice as soon as you push the board off.

Just like the bearings, the wheel upgrade makes your board roll faster and last longer - what's not to like??

If you look at the SRP difference of these components and add them together you'll see that the upgrade from Pro to Elite represents serious value - trust us, it's well worth it.

Coupled with this, we've noticed that almost everyone who makes it into our shop ends up with an Elite setup - the value is clear once you have the board in your hands!


How about the Precision build?

If you're ready to skate the best setup out there the best of the best, step it up to the Precison Build!

For an extra £70, you get the same wheels and bearings as the Elite build, but with a set of Sabre Forged Precision Mk3s.

Given that a set of these trucks would normally set you back £180, that's a serious value for a serious setup!


Useful Extra Info

Customise your ride!

We can change the truck bushings on this board to suit your weight and riding style!

This way your board will come set up perfectly for you, straight out of the box.

Just refer to the table below and make your choice as you add to cart!

Rider weightBushing Hardness
10 - 50kgsExtra Soft
50 - 72kgsSofter
72 - 90kgsStock Setup
90 - 104kgsHarder
104 - 120kgsExtra Hard
Skateboard Bushings

Some other things to consider...

  • If in doubt - go softer! Turnier boards are easier to balance on, and a lot more fun to skate.
  • If you are "between hardnesses," we would recommend the softer option. So for example, for a 73kg rider, "Soft" rather than "Stock Setup" might be a better choice. Get in touch if you're not sure!
  • if you want a very turny board - say for a dancing longboard - then it's worth going one stop softer than you otherwise would do. Watch out for wheelbite though!
  • Likewise, if you want a board for downhill speed, then go up a step harder than the weight table suggests.
  • You do have a bit of adjustment in the truck's kingpin nut, but we would suggest that if you have more than two threads showing then it's time to go to a harder bushing.
  • If you already have a board (or some trucks!) and you would like to change your bushings to suit your weight, check out our truck/bushing compatability chart!

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Pantheon dream board

Since I first clapped my eyes on one of these boards, I've wanted one. I'm fairly new to long boarding, but the pantheon just looks awesome even when it's not moving. Sorry I can't remember the name of the fella that served me, old age I'm afraid, but I was like a kid in a candy store when he asked I'd I wanted go for it, I said yes, he replied let's build it. I've only had a quick blast when I got home, but im bloody impressed, even the wife said it looked amazing, so I'm in the clear with her. Fingers crossed for some nice weather then I'm off to the mumbles to try her out properly, well, at my old git pace.

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