Longboard Cruisers

Longboard Cruisers

Cruising around is what longboards are really good at. With a super-smooth ride, soulful and forgiving turn, looks to die for and more space for beginners, longboards have a lot of advantages over regular skateboards. We stock the best longboard brands on the market at every price point, so we've got you covered whatever you need! Check out our cruising longboard selection below.

What is the best type of longboard for cruising?

Short answer - for cruising, get a longboard between 38" and 44" long, with a flexy deck and a mellow concave. Add some decent aftermarket trucks, 65mm+ (70mm+ if you can!) longboard wheels, and some well shielded bearings. Longboards are more comfortable and smoother rolling than cruiser boards, so they are perfect for cruising around on if you have the space!

Things to look for in a cruising longboard

You want the deck to be long enough to give a mellow turn and lots of space for your feet - but too big and the board will start to get a bit unwieldy in smaller spaces. Somewhere between 38" and 44" is the sweet spot. Here's a bit more on longboard sizes.

A flexy deck will take the sting out of anything you do roll over, and reduce "foot buzz" over longer distances.

A mellow concave is important - don't go for a crazy 3D-freeride/downhill inspired shape, they just hurt your feet after a while! Bonus tip - rocker concave is awesome.

Turny trucks are a must as wheelbases get longer. Look for proper longboard trucks (RKP) rather than regular street trucks, and go with a proper aftermarket brand if you can afford it. Trucks are super important - don't skimp on them!

For cruising around, you want something with decent sized wheels - at least 65mm - to help you deal with the rough pavements you will inevitably encounter. If you can get over 70mm you'll really feel the difference. Bigger wheels roll smoother, so go as big as you can!

Contrary to popular belief - you're better off going with a decent rubber shield than a high ABEC rating. We recommend Sabre Built-Ins, Zealous Bearings or Bones Reds. No need to spend a fortune on bearings - especially if you look after them!

Should I get a cruiserboard or a longboard cruiser?

If you're looking for a longboard to cruise about on, and you want maximum comfort over distance, we'd recommend that you go for a full-sized longboard rather than a mini-cruiser or a retro cruiser board for most adults and teenagers.

Longboards are bigger and heavier, sure... but they have a lot more room to stand on, generally more flex to them and bigger wheels when compared to a smaller cruiser board.

Add all these things together and you have a board that's easier to skate, more stable and forgiving, better over rougher surfaces (like most UK pavements and roads!), and more comfortable if you're planning on skating more than five minutes.

If smaller size is important to you, for example if you want to stash your board easily in a locker, then check out our range of cruiser skateboards or surf skates..

Little rippers would be better off on a mini cruiser.

For more info, check out our longboard for beginners guide, or give us a call and we'll be happy to take you through the options!