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Product Spotlight - Santa Cruz "Cruz Missile 2" Concave

The "new" Santa Cruz boards are worth a special look.

The Cruz Missile II concave was developed in the eighties to hit vert and transition. We like both of those things, so we were stoked to see Santa Cruz bringing it back in their latest line of reissues!

There's a lot going on with these boards. Combining rocker, a spoon nose, and a two stage tail, this concave feels amazing and will change the way you think about your skateboard.

With a deep concave for your front foot, and a mellower section for your back foot, we think that the Cruz Missile II concave is about as good as it gets - whether it's pool/transition or simply cruising around town, you've got great board feel and a good level of control without feeling like the concave is disturbing or intrusive in any way.

Check out this flyer from the olden days to see exactly what's going on here!

The two stage nose and tail are definitely worth a mention - it's super intuitive whether that's for popping ollies (get your toe right on that steep section and PAM!), coming back into the transition from a lipslide (just ease that front foot forward and it gently lets you know you're in the right spot) or just getting up a curb the old fashioned way - a little weight on the back, a little weight on the front and you're up. No need to look down. Just feel it.

A small bit of rocker also makes this thing that bit comfier... your feet are being hugged from all directions.

Santa Cruz are using this concave in quite a few of their reissues at the moment, and we've generally got at least one of them in stock... Check out our Santa Cruz decks here.

If there's a Santa Cruz deck that you don't see and you want us to bring in for you, give us a shout and we'll make it happen!

By the way - all of their graphics are amazing, look at the mulicoloured metallic print on this Jeff Kendall!!

Adam has been skating this concave on a few shapes for a while now - and he loves it!



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