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D-Street Cruisers Mini Review

We're stoked to be stocking this range of minicruiser boards from UK longboard and cruiser brand D-Street!

Since the Penny Mini Skateboard Revolution kicked in a few years ago, there's a lot of boards like this on the market - but we think these are about the best of the bunch.

What makes D-Street boards stand out?

As well as some nice understated graphics and finishes, these boards are set up how we like our mini cruisers - turny!!

The trick to setting up a rad mini cruiser setup is to get the trade off between turn and ride height right. Too high and the board is annoying to push around, but too low and the board gets wheelbite unless the trucks are done up tight, which restricts the turn too much.

D-Street have really taken the time to get the setup on these boards dialled in, and in our opinion, have really hit the nail on the head.

All D-Street cruiser boards feature wheel wells, which means that they can be low, but also have very turny trucks. And with custom-specced super-soft bushings and narrow hangers, those trucks really do turn!!

60mm wheels and ABEC 7 bearings keep them rolling well over most city terrain - you could take these boards pretty much anywhere.

D-Street's Cruiser Lineup

We have seen a few of D-Street boards come and go since we started stocking them a few years ago, but the lineup has settled into four main shapes, with graphics that change every now and then. In size order, (smallest to largest, left to right):

Kids Board (26"x7")

A great little micro-cruiser board, this is perfect for little rippers and is probably the best selling setup from our kids board range. Turny trucks, fast rolling wheels and good wood set this apart from other kids boards at this price. If you want to get your children skateboarding - this is a great place to start!

Current graphics: D-Street Beach Cruiser

Mini Cruiser (28"x7.25")

A fun little mini cruiser, this is a great setup for a great price. It's best suited to taller kids and teenagers - fully grown adults might find this a bit small (see this page on board sizing). Again D-Street have managed to really set themselves apart from other boards at this pricepoint, this board skates great and has nothing but recommendation from us. 

You can see all of D-Street's 28" Mini Cruisers here.

Skate Cruiser (29.5"x8.25")

D-Street's skate cruiser is basically a slightly undersized skateboard with turny trucks and soft wheels. It's a great setup for smaller adults who can already skate, with a full sized kicktail and decent concave it's perfect for ollies as you cruise about.

Current graphics: D-Street Tropical Cruiser

Swallowtail Surf Cruiser (29"x8.8")

The biggest cruiser board in D-Street's range is their swallowtail, which like the others has been through a few graphics changes whilst retaining the same setup and deck outline. With a bit more footspace, this is a good alternative to a full-sized longboard if you need something nice and small, and skaters of pretty much any age will love it.

Current graphics: D-Street Nautical Cruiser

For more on which size of cruiser to get, our top 6 cruiser board picks, and way more, check out our Cruiser Skateboards Beginner's Guide.


Amazing value!

The best thing about these boards is the value they give to skaters, for just over £50 you get a lot of board for your money.

There's something for everyone looking for a mini-cruiser or cruiser board in this lineup, and they make a great addition to your quiver.

These mini cruisers represent a lot of smiles for the money - and seeing as that's pretty much the most important thing we look for in every board we sell, they definitely come with our seal of approval!! Highly recommended.

Our whole range of D-Street Mini-Cruisers, Cruiser Boards and Longboards can be found here.


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