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The £10 surfskate hack!

We started out with 20 people...

Many of whom rode their surfskates.

But now they're running on the RipTide APS Carver bushings, they were simply TOO FAST for us!

You know we love this stuff.

Every longboard and cruiser that goes out the door has it's bushings customised to ensure the featherweights get the same experience as the power surfers.

But with surfskates, it's more than that... I simply cannot overstate how much difference they make.

Jumping from used Carver bushings to these RipTides feels almost like the jump from a cruiser to a surfskate in the first place.

And hey, CX trucks destroy bushings and pivot cups like nothing else I've ever seen - you're going to need new ones at some point anyway.

Stock Carver bushings are 89A - so the yellow here represents the closest like-for-like switch.

However if you felt comfortable on stock, I suggest considering pink for that little bit of extra spice.

Having a barrel in the back makes a really positive difference to how much harder you can push into the back truck - and how much speed it pushes back with.

The only downside? You might have to wait for your friends to catch up.

Lastly: don't forget our doors are open this Sunday from 1:30pm! Danielle will be your gracious host.

See you on the other side,
Matt @ Vandem

Thankfully they did wait for us last night - and the rain was even so polite as to hold off until we were all home safe!

Bristol local Nick goin' fast. Among many other achievements, Nick also managed to grab the highest known altitude for a Vandem sticker slap. Legend.


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