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The definition of success?


noun: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Our aims last weekend:

  1. Get the maximum amount of beginners sliding
  2. Drag old mates out onto the hill
  3. Sneak a few cruisey runs of our own
  4. Have a good laugh



Getting sunburnt wasn't on the list... but we managed that too!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the biggest BVR session that I can remember.

There are video clips here and here, as well as tons of photos - check out Ross from Skatography's work here as well as easypeelers photos on insta.

Most graceful dismount of the day goes to Claire:


Get involved:

The week after next we have 2 events in Bristol:

5th June: Board maintenance @ Vandem
- Because dirty old bearings have a habit of exploding

6th June: Going for a roll
- All-level summer evening cruise, though if you've got the sliding bug, there may well be opportunity...

Don't forget you can check all events nationwide on our website anytime... and if we've missed any, let us know!

You bring the sun, I'll bring the suncream,
Matt @ Vandem


Lush Throttle gang out in force at the pumptrack!


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