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Behold: The Magic Carpet!

The keen eyed among you...

Will have noticed we spent Saturday on surfskate shenanigans.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come by - especially with the weather forecast as it was!

What was really interesting (for us) was seeing the reactions to all manner of test boards we set up.

One in particular went extraordinarily well... and by the end of the afternoon, the affectionately named "Magic Carpet" had captured the hearts of young and old alike.

So what is this thing?

Did we hit the surfskate golden ratio?

Length: 36"
Wheelbase: 21.25"
Trucks: Carver CX
Wheels: Cult Cultron

This has given us much to consider.

For anyone who doesn't want to go fast down hills, is this not an all-round more fun, more functional longboard setup?

Therefore, should all longboards in the future come with Carver trucks as standard?

Is there a split-angle setup that would make for a similar level of lean, turn and pump as well as offering great stability?

While we ponder, it'd be rude not to make the Magic Carpet available to the public, as well as a selection of other never-seen-before completes built up of Lush Longboards decks and Carver trucks.

Thanks to for the shots.

Now, the even keener eyed among you will have noticed that I was not at the surfskate event, for which I am sorry.

I had to attend an urgent board meeting, far in the north, where in honour of you I managed to squeeze in some cross-training for our next surfskate adventure:

Beware of the bull,
Matt @ Vandem

These things look pretty magical, and they skate even magicaler.


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