Arbor Longboards

We stock a wide range of Arbor longboards.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and a natural, surfy look to go with it, the Arbor brand is well known for its longboards and snowboards.

How much are Arbor Longboards?

Arbor are not a cheap longboard brand - their boards are built with quality in mind, rather than to a price.

Who do you recommend Arbor Longboards to?

The Arbor longboard range covers most of the bases. Their boards tend to be narrower compared to other brands, so we'd really recommend checking them out if you have smaller feet or you are a lighter rider. Girls get on better with Arbor longboards for the same reasons.

What kind of boards do Arbor make?

Arbor focus mainly on cruisers and cruising longboards these days. There's a nice variety of Pintails longboards, drop-throughs, cruiserboards and mini-cruisers that should suit pretty much any kind of cruising about you're up for.

What trucks and wheels do Arbor longboards have?

Arbor are a quality brand, and as such, expect decent aftermarket components. All Arbor boards come with Paris Trucks and Arbor's own wheels. A lot of their decks come with a clear spray-on grip to show off the topsheet.

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