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Orangatang Dad Bods- juicy!

While we are super stoked

For Oshine the Otang who has lost 20kg since cutting out sweets and jelly, that is not what this post is about...

We've just received a different type of Orangatang Dad Bod here in the shop.

And they're about the same size as Rob's face.

If you have ever ridden a set of Caguamas and thought "this feels a bit small" then Orangatang have answered your prayers.

105mm diameter; impressively well thought through. Designed with e-boards in mind but check it out! They make it look tantalizingly fun on longboards and cruisers too.

Niche? Perhaps. Awe-inspiring? Absolutely.

Around the same time this week we received a juicy shipment from our friends at Landyachtz Longboards.

We've got everyones favourite cruiserboard in all the favourite graphics:

You guessed it - the Dinghy. Fender Panda shown here.

As well as a restock of the Drop Cat and Zealous Bearings.

I'm sure this has given you quite enough to think about. With any luck, the sun (more likely, wind) will dry up the streets and all those thoughts can become a reality.

Me? I'm escaping our weather and off for a surf :)
Matt @ Vandem

It's got a funky graphic but what we really like is the funky rocker profile! It makes for a super surfy carve. About as close to surfing powder as you can feel on asphalt.

The behemoth, next to a 65mm Orangatang Love Handle. A whole set will add almost 2kg to your setup! If momentum is mass * velocity (and it is), the extra mass on these is gonna carry you smoothly over everything...forever.


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