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[Waiting for] The Gift of Sound and Vision

Local Bristol brand Lush Longboards have been running since 1999. I can say for sure that I wouldn't be longboarding if it wasn't for their presence many moons ago.

They've run been running events, supporting riders and designing gear non stop for over 20 years. Through covid, things appeared a little quiet...

And so it is with a massive grin and a full heart that I am sharing this visual delight: a new Lush video.

Filmed in Bristol this summer with Tobi, Jooz and the Nomad...the keen-eyed among you may recognise another face too...* Feel free to tell me what you thought of it, there are more in the works!

As for audio treats, Rob's been busy organising our shop tunes. My van broke down this morning and I've been chasing DHL all day so the Friday Folk playlist has done a good service today - I'm relaxed and the good vibes are back for the weekend. Now, where's that 10mm socket...

If you've got Spotify, give us a follow.

My Grandad just turned 86 so I'm off out to dinner now. I've got him a book about steam trains. See you next week,
Matt @ Vandem

*I do love my Nomad!


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9th October - 10:30am - Green Park, Bath
13 miles might sound like a long way, but with good mates and few hydration stops along the way, it flies past.
Join us and raise money for MacMillan at this years Bristol Board Meeting!


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