Orangatang Fat Free Wheels 65mm

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Bought a Machine 3D which is a slide machine love it..Much better than my old sector 9 mini shaka and better than mates mini daisy....go buy one..the guys in the shop are cool too...

Designed for Freeriding: Grippy when needed with consistent slide characteristics; a good all round wheel.



  • Size: 65mm
  • Edge: Rounded
  • Hub: Off Set
  • Contact patch: 37mm
  • Formula: Happy urethane


80a: Orange - Buttery and cushy
83a: Purple - Slidey and grippy
86a: Yellow - Nice and slidey
Fat Free wheels from Orangatang feature an offset design and a relatively wide contact patch for grip. Rounder inner and outer lips with stiff flex for clean slide initiation and smooth, chatter-free slides.

All wheels sold in packs of four.

FAQ's for Orangatang Fat Free Wheels 65mm

Q: How long do Orangatang Fat Free's last?


They last quite a while - unlike a lot of more modern freeride and slide wheels, they don't dump a lot of 'thane on the road - no thanelines = longer life!

Q: I have a dancing board. Are these wheels any good for that?


Yes, they're about right some something like a Lush Legend or a Loaded Bhangra. Their smaller diameter makes them perfect for topmounted full shapes with no wheel cutouts. Perfect fro cruising around, dancing and a biit of sliding - not so good for flat-out downhill and speed.

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