Orangatang Nipple Barrel Longboard Bushings

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On the advice of one of the Vandem staff, I picked a Freebyrd as a starter board.
I was initially toying with the idea of buying one of the £50 boards you see on ebay to get me going, but I am so glad that I saved the extra an got this board.

The board shipped out quickly, and arrived carefully packaged, with a nice note for me in the box which was a lovely personal touch. Some great stickers in the box too!
Out of the box everything was all set up and ready to ride, on top of this, the board itself is gorgeous to look at. Rolls smoothly across the tarmac, and it's made my entry to longboarding an enjoyable one.

Super lively with a ton of rebound the Orangatang nipples are great bushing well suited to most RKP trucks, especially if you like your setup to be nice any turny with a fast return to center. Poured in California from primo urethane so you know these little O'tang gems are going to be the business.

Each pack comes with 4 x barrel bushings and 4 x flat embossed washers.

Two of the bushings in each pack are 14mm tall, and two are 16mm tall. We recommend using the 16mm bushing on the "boardside," and the shorter 14mm bushings on the "roadside" of your trucks.

Available in 3 harnesses.

Orange - Soft (approx 85A)

Purple - Medium (approx 87A)

Yellow - Hard (approx 89A)


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