When you order over £99.99 worth of skate stuff from us, you can choose a Free Gift as you check out!

Free Sabre Bushing Kit

You can choose any Sabre Bushing Kit.

Every longboarder will tell you that you can never have enough bushings to choose from. Changing the bushings allows you to set up your trucks to suit your weight and riding style.

By giving you a free set of bushings, our intention is to help you get your board riding perfectly for your own needs.

  • If you are a lighter rider, we recommend going softer than your stock bushings. Try the X-Type 86A Carve Pack.
  • If you are a heavier rider, or you want more stability at very high speeds, we recommend going harder than your stock bushings. Try the R-Type 93A Carve Pack.

90% of skaters will be stoked with either of the above choices. However, if you want to dial things in a bit more:

  • Try a SuperCarve Kit in the same hardness or softer than your stock bushings for even more turn.
  • Try a Speed Kit in the same hardness or harder than your stock bushings for even more stability.

There's loads more info on Sabre Bushings on their website - warning - lots to read!!!

If you're still stuck, get in touch!!!

Please note that Sabre Bushings are 16mm tall and will only fit in decent aftermarket trucks like Sabre, Paris, Bear, Caliber etc. For example, they don't fit the Globe Slant trucks without replacing the kingpin for a longer one.

Free Vandem Organic Logo Tshirt

Alternatively, you can choose any Vandem Organic Logo Tshirt.

These are hand-screened by us in Bristol, on oragnic cotton blanks.

Size: S M L XL
Chest (to fit): 36/38 38/40 41/42 43/44