Lush Fuel

Lush Fuel

The Lush Fuel - a true mini-cruiser! From our friends at Lush Longboards, the Fuel has been a staple of the lineup since the early 2000's. It's been through multiple redesigns, tweaks and names over the years and comes to you now as the quintessential mini-cruiser from a homegrown brand.

What is a Lush Fuel?

The Fuel is a small (28.5" x 8") cruiser skateboard produced by Lush Longboards. The focus here is on providing the most comfort and stability possible in such a small package. Originally known as the Fuel, the evolution of this board (that was also known as the Tula) has now come full circle 20 years later and returned to the original name.

What's the difference between a Lush Fuel and a Landyachtz Dinghy?

Both boards come in at a cool 28.5" x 8" and so appear initially quite similar. However, there are differences in design - namely the concave/deck profile and the wheelbase - that have a big impact on how the boards feel.

The Dinghy has a nose like a skateboard, albeit slightly shorter. The Fuel is the opposite and has a flat nose. This allows the front truck to be mounted further forward, lengthening the wheelbase significantly (even beyond that of the Dinghy's bigger brother, the Tugboat) and thus increasing stability.

The flat nose also gives the Fuel a bigger functional standing platform than the Dinghy which can bring a lot of confidence, especially for beginners, as well as having a mellow taco concave that does not disturb or ache the feet after many miles of cruising.

Is the Lush Fuel good for beginners?

It's all relative! If you are set on a cruiser as a beginner, the Fuel will be more stable and comfortable than other boards of similar dimensions due to the lengthened wheelbase. Cruisers will never be as stable as longboards, however.

For those who skate street or are already comfortable on a cruiser, the Fuel is a solid option for getting around town and having loads of fun on the way! 

Can you ollie on a Lush Fuel?

Yes you can! The Fuel is a lovely board to pop into the air, up onto pavements and generally jump around.

The tail is perfectly balanced to get the board into the air, accounting for the slightly bigger cruiser wheels it comes set up with. Add that classic 7 ply maple pop and you've got a great little friend to join you on your mission to ollie that drain cover on the way to work!

Are all Lush Fuel the same?

Yes, currently the only difference between the Lush Fuels is the graphic.

Are there any alternatives to a Lush Fuel?

The Fuel is far from the only cruiser skateboard available and the price tag can be offputting, especially to beginners. Luckily, there are a plethora of mini cruisers available from a host of respected brands! Some great alternatives are:

Landyachtz Dinghy
Landyachtz Dinghy Blunt
Lush Longboards Nomad
Loaded Ballona
Arbor Pilsner

Our favourites can be found in our Cruiser Skateboards Beginner's Guide.

Should I get a Fuel or a Nomad?

The quick answer for most people is: Nomad. The longer and wider platform is more suited to adult feet, giving a lot of extra confidence, especially for beginners. At 170mm, the trucks are also far wider than the 127mm setup on the Fuel and will be a lot more stable initially, and also as you grow to tackle some descents too. For most adults looking to simply enjoy cruising and carving, we recommend the Nomad over the Fuel.

Having said that, the Fuel is a fantastic option for those with small feet and for kids. For street skaters too, it will feel closer to what you know and is more responsive to flip tricks than the wider Nomad. It's nippy, light and agile and can easily be strapped to a backpack or thrown under a desk.

What trucks and wheels come on a Lush Fuel?

The Lush Fuel is available at two levels of complete setup - the Pro and the Elite. Each features the 127mm Sabre Street truck.

The Pro setup comes with 60mm Cult Nova wheels in 78a and Vandem ABEC 5 bearings.

The Elite setup features the 65mm Cult Chronicle wheel in 78a and Sabre Built-in Labyrinth Bearings.

Review Information

All Lush Fuel have an average rating of 5 with 25 reviews across 3 products. The highest product rating is "5" and the lowest product rating is "0".