New Skate Product, Santa Cruz -

Hows the concave on those new Santa Cruz decks?

There's a reason they're still going strong!

With a delivery of juicy new Santa Cruz decks landing this week, we thought we'd drill down into just one of those reasons:

Cruz Missile II Concave




It's one of those concaves that you don't notice under your feet - it just feels right.

Originally designed for vert and transition skating in the 80s, we're super happy that most of the new reissues feature it because it feels amazing for cruising, too.

The subtle curves allow you to provide pressure where it's needed, when it's needed - no need to be looking at your feet or worrying they're in the wrong place, you'll know just by feel.

The two-stage tail is a fantastic idea - your back foot knows exactly how far up it can be. I move my feet around a bit when riding this concave. The steep end section ("2nd kick") is where I slam down to ollie, and the 1st kick with the concave creates a nice pocket that's very comfy to powerslide from.

Throw in a small amount of rocker and it's just epic - super comfy, super functional.

I can only hope that I have such nice curves when I'm 50 years old.

Currently it features on:

And for those of you who prefer a more standard radial concave, there's something for you too:

We're still working on the photography for the complete setups but we have cruisers incoming with soft wheels, and hard wheeled setups for the skatepark too.

If you just can't wait until they're online, you can always give us a call. We've got all the bits ready to go!

Until then, enjoy your weekend and stay safe from the weather,
Matt @ Vandem


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