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A rare treat at Vandem...

*Other flavour treats are available

For many of you reading this, Adam would have chatted to you on the phone and lovingly packed your order - he did it for a decade!

And what more could we ask for to get into the Christmas spirit than a big hug from a good mate and legend of our time?

Therefore, here are our Christmas recommendations for anyone looking for a properly decent gift for a mate, child, family member, arch-enemy, bloke down the pub, etc.

And why a skateboard? Well, Adam in full post-surf glow and stoic way says:

  • It doesn't have batteries - therefore the batteries can't run out! Isn't there something innately satisfying about analogue fun?
  • It's playing outside, and thats good for you. It also saves on heating bills.
  • Like elderly people doing a soduku, it keeps your mind active - body, too!
  • You may occasionally fall. This will make you tougher, and therefore save further on heating bills.
  • It's not landfill like most Christmas rubbish.
  • Experiences are worth far more for our wellbeing than material goods. A skateboard is a material good that unlocks years of experiences. It's a win win situation! If I could change the dictionary, I'd call the rest of them material bads.

And so without further ado - Vandem top tips for Christmas gifts.

For the younger generation:

Mini-cruisers: little boards for little feet! We've got loads of options and we'll even change the bushings out - so your little friend can turn and carve as easily as if they weighed 70kg on a regular longboard.

For minimum outlay and maximum fun, check out the Lush Fuel. Design and components to rival the best on the market, on sale for half the price.

Other options? You can't go wrong with a Landyachtz Dinghy. A bit pricier, but then it's a Canadian brand not a British one, and they have millions of views on YouTube.

Got a more cautious child in your life? A board will bring them a great deal. Something like the Lush Dart might fit better - lower to the ground, it's inherently more stable than the above cruisers and it really takes away any pressure to do tricks, but puts the focus on smooth rolling, fun carving, the wind in your hair.

My opinion? I think kids learn stuff really fast, cautious or not. I'd go for the Fuel and save the £100 for when they want to learn to drive!!

For a few more ideas, do check out our "5 quick suggestions" for skateboards for kids.

For the older generation:

I do mean the reissue skateboards, not the dark chocolate gingers or the coffee... though that's always a good shout too.

The Santa Cruz Autumn reissues are with us - available as completes ready ride out the box. Or, if theres an old graphic that brings back memories of the good old 80s, why not grab the deck only as a piece of art? Either way, don't expect them to hang aroung long!

We've compiled a list of our favourite longboards that'd work for an adult over on our "6 of the best" page - take a look if you need some more ideas.

Don't forget a helmet...

Decorations going up next week - finally, another use for old worn out wheels. If you've got any more uses up your sleeve, please do let us know by leaving a comment down below. So far I've got Christmas ornaments, candle holders and feet for furniture. Bright ideas will be receiving a discount code via email!

May your days be merry and bright,
Matt @ Vandem


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