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Landyachtz Spring Delivery

There's this bloke called Tom

who runs this company called Landyachtz Longboards. He designs product, skates when he wants, and has all the coffee he needs in his office.

He's come a long way from his days of being a Canadian lumberjack...

He was a smart feller.

And it's thanks to Tom that we've just had our shop floor covered in boxes of skateboards for 2 days.

If you've been waiting for anything Landyachtz related, there's a good chance it arrived this week!

Given it's got almost a million views and this newsletter goes to somewhat less than that (can you imagine!) there's a good chance you've already seen this, but just in case you haven't - here's the most successful cruiser board ever in full flow:

The Landyachtz Dinghy, Dinghy Blunt and Tugboat. Small, medium and large.


But what of the new 2023 graphics, the highlight of the year for Landyachtz and their retailers worldwide?

After some bumps in the road, it is finally available to us. Fresh new graphics and new takes on old favourites - there's no way the "Top Cat" won't feel amazing.

A little pricier, perhaps. Worth it? I'll let you decide... but some of them are mighty sexy.

Here's a full list, with prices:


Dinghy Blunt Flamingo


The wider Dinghy shape - the Dinghy Blunt - with a flamingo that perhaps slept awkwardly. I hate it when I wake up with my neck like that. Does look kinda cool as a graphic, though.

Dinghy Coffin XL Fish


The Dinghy Coffin XL falls into the Dinghy Blunt category but has a cooler outline (in my opinion).

Raft Messenger


This is what you'd get if you took a Tugboat and gave it a full nose. Not quite ATV sized, but a fun sized cruiser that excels when you want to get airborne.

ATV Ditch Life Black Sine Wave


The previous version was also black, and featured an ocean wave. Keeping to the theme, the new one has a few sine waves in a subtle colour fade.

Drop Cat 33" Dune


OK, this is where I really start drooling. Definitely my favourite of the new graphics. I really struggle when its too hot, so I don't know why this depiction of the desert appeals to me so much. But goodness gracious, I do like this graphic. The Drop Cat Seeker had its fans, but for me, this one wins.

Drop Cat 38" Dune


The Drop Cat 38 has been inundated with cool graphics over the years, but as mentioned above: this one wins.

Top Cat 37" Palm


As you may have guessed, the Top Cat is a top-mounted version of the Drop Cat. Topmounting means more lean and a more direct turning feeling - coupled with the deep rocker makes this an absolute carving machine.

Rally Cat Heron


As a child, I watched a cormorant eat an eel in Brixham harbour. It took it at least half an hour, the eel kept wriggling right back up his neck and out its mouth! As you can tell, it stuck with me. And this graphic definitely reminds me of that sunny afternoon.

The Rally Cat is really good, too. Last years' was the "Kimono" and they've kept to a Japanese theme. Like it.

Battle Axe Forest


The evergreen classic. Or is that a deciduous forest? Regardless, the Battle Axe has been a staple of the Landyachtz lineup since the early days and remains barely changed for good reason. A solid drop-through, great for carving, cruising, commuting and simply enjoying the ride.

Drop Hammer Sun Fox


The Drop Hammer is a symmetrical version of the Battle Axe above, slightly shorter and more manoeuvrable, but ticking many of the same boxes. And who doesn't like a foxy graphic.

Tony Danza Vibes


The Tony Danza is the smaller of the two freestyle and dancing boards from Landyachtz. This year they've taken the whimsical and free Vibes graphic from the Drop Cat and applied. When your legs are done just turn it over and get lost in the mountain sun. Bliss.

This graphic is also available on the Stratus.

Stratus Logo


The Stratus is the big brother of the Tony Danza. A big 46" long, it's the cruisiest flowiest board in the lineup. Splashed with a loud logo graphic, this one doesn't leave it's branding to guesswork!

Also available on the Danza.

If anything tickles your fancy just send us an email or give us a call on 01179332833. Ask for the facilitator of dreams and Landyachtz pre-order department.

Matt, for short.

We'll need some patience while they clear customs but that'll soon be forgotten as you lean into the first carve with the wind in your hair.

Who knows, maybe the sun will even be back out by then.
Matt @ Vandem

The carving machine, the Drop Cat.
Providing ample excuse to get out of the cave and into the sun. Now there should be more of it around, we can start having some real fun with blog photography!

The most marmite graphic in the shop, the Tugboat Jet Ski Fun.
Do you love it or hate it?


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