Landyachtz Tony Danza 40"

Landyachtz Tony Danza 40"

The Landyachtz Tony Danza became a part of the lineup in 2020 as a little brother to the popular Landyachtz Stratus - a dancing and freestyle board, now with reduced dimensions for an overall lighter and more nimble feeling whilst still having enough space for your feet.

What is a Landyachtz Tony Danza?

The Tony Danza is a symmetrical 40" x 8.5" board designed predominantly for freestyle and dancing. It features mellow concave and rocker as well as nose and tail kicks, built with 7 plies of Canadian maple for a comfortable flex.

What's the difference between a Tony Danza and a Stratus?

The Tony Danza (40" x 8.5") is effectively the little brother of the Stratus (46" x 9.25"). Aside from the smaller dimensions, the Tony Danza also features a strong rocker profile that really locks in your feet for dynamic moves like powerslides.

The Stratus would be the classic choice for many people looking to dance - cross-stepping and pirouetting are really comfortable on the longer board. However, the Tony Danza is a great option for those smaller in stature, or for more aggressive freestyle riders who want the board to hop, flip and jump faster and with less effort.

Is the Landyachtz Tony Danza good for beginners?

The Tony Danza is a topmount board with a mid-length wheelbase of around 23 inches. It won't be the most stable longboard of them all (for that you'd want a drop-through) but it will still be much more stable than a shorter cruiser.

If you are just getting into longboarding and know that you want to learn freestyle tricks and dancing, the Tony Danza is a great choice that will stay with you for a long time into your longboarding journey.

If dancing and freestyle are not your thing, something such as the Lush Minnow would offer a similar feel without the extra bulk of the big nose of the Danza.

Are all Landyachtz Tony Danza the same?

Yes, currently the only difference between the Tony Danza options is the graphic.

Are there any alternatives to a Landyachtz Tony Danza?

The Tony Danza is a great dance and freestyle board from one of the most respected longboard brands in the world. That's not to say that there aren't equivalent boards out there that might suit you better! Here are the ones worth a look:

Lush Longboards Legend
Loaded Bhangra V2
Hackbrett Longboards Wasser
Loaded Basalt Tesseract
Loaded Mata Hari

What trucks and wheels come on a Landyachtz Tony Danza?

Here at Vandem Longboard Shop we build the Landyachtz Tony Danza into the highest quality ride you'll find anywhere.

We currently have two complete options, the Pro and the Elite.

The Landyachtz Tony Danza Pro Complete includes 180mm Sabre Standard Trucks, 60mm Cult Nova wheels and Vandem Value ABEC5 skate bearings.

The Elite Complete features the world's favourite slide wheel - 65mm Cult Chronicles - solid 180mm Sabre Standard Trucks and super-slick Sabre Labyrinth Built-In Bearings. This is honestly about as tasty as longboard dancing setups get!

Both setup options come with the Landyachtz griptape design which includes griptape only on the nose and tail, leaving the middle of the board buttery smooth just like the fancy footwork that'll be happening on it.

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