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We're on a roll with a Landyachtz delivery!

Money can't buy happiness

And although I wish I could offer the joys of longboarding to you for free, that's above my pay grade.

I'm doing the next best thing - trying to inspire, inform, intrigue and immerse you in this world that so captivates me.

This week at Vandem we've had a fresh restock of Landyachtz Longboards. Given their long heritage of innovation, design, rider support and sustainability credentials, I think its worthy of at least a little intrigue!

I tend to be very casual in these posts - "to sell" was not on my list above - but these came in yesterday and are moving surprisingly quickly. Could it be that rejuvenating taste of spring in the air?

We're trying to get as much in as we can. This time it's a few Dinghy graphics, as well as Tugboat options, and as soon as UPS find our last box (!) we will have dancers in stock as well.

If there's anything out there we don't have - send me an email and I'll see what I can do,
Matt @ Vandem

P.S. Last weeks post contained a big ol' typo. The first to email me with what it was gets a 10% off discount code.

The Landyachtz Tugboat Jet Ski Fun. Check that colour fade in the top ply - blue to pink. A great length to go to when so little of it is visible... and yet it is visible, and I love it.

The Pinecone graphic is evergreen. 


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