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A big Board Meeting thank you... and something new from Loaded

Thanks, champs

From the phone ringing all week in anticipation,
Through train delays, no bacon sarnies and extreme heat,
A hundred or more stoked, smiling faces in a park in Bath,
And somehow even more of that, 16 miles later in Bristol.

Thank you.

£1,400 in cash via raffle tickets
£3,000 on JustGiving already...

Once again with massive thanks to our generous raffle sponsors:

Was it the good weather that made this one so special? The ton of money raised? The super high-quality company along the way? Or simply the fact I made it to the end?

I don't know, but I'm still grinning.

And now...

A week late to save your legs at the Board Meeting... but say hello to the:

It's taken us a while but we're proud to have the first known UK completes in our shop.

A new type of board that can take 100mm+ wheels, has a low ride height and won't get wheelbite.

And if that one's a bit mad for you, there's always the new Landyachtz Drop Cat graphics that arrived yesterday!

With love and gratefulness for your encouragement, enthusiasm and generosity,
Matt @ Vandem

The Drop Cat Dune - this one is the 38" version. I say it about every new Drop Cat they release but... this one's my favourite.
And the dinkier option at 33" for smaller feet or simply for a more stashable board. Absolutely great graphic. And oh yes, we've just placed our pre-order for 2024 stuff... keep those eyes peeled.


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