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Things we've shredded this week... Cardboard. Matt. Prices.

We shred every day.*

Usually cardboard.

It being halloween, we thought we'd jam Matt through the shredder too...

...MattGPT is far more efficient.

The prices? We rarely shred those.

But, between you and I, the wider outdoor leisure market is in turmoil.

Far bigger shops than us are going pop - Wiggle Chain Reaction Cycles just last week! - and huge longboard (and scooter) shops are pushing out ghastly completes at scarily low prices with a ferocity the likes of which we have never seen in 20 years of business.

The sheer intensity of the situation leaves us a choice: join in or go home.

And so, in a bid not to turn on the heating at home, we're joining in.

Yep, it's real.

For a look at everything on sale, click here.

Yes, it hurts matching the price of some of the lower quality products out there.

No, we're not making any money on them.

Yes, we'll still change the bushings to match the rider - for free.

No, our "Are longboards under £100 worth buying?" article doesn't make complete sense anymore since we're selling quality longboard completes for less than that!

Though it feels bad, it won't last forever. Jump in if you're tempted - we can't guarantee that the stock or the sale will still be here by the time you get round to it.

Highlights below.

The ghost of Matt @ Vandem

*Sometimes we even go skateboarding!

I paid £130 for a Mako in 2006. Cost of living, what cost of living?!
It came with Holey trucks and Lush Magmas and I loved it, but it wasn't half as good as the current iteration...
A fully-fledged dancer from Landyachtz for only £163.90. That's not deck only, that's ready to shreddy, straight out the box.
The Tony Danza Spectrum and Watercolour are both up for grabs for cheap.


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