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Merry Christmas, newsletters are useless

Hopefully your shopping's done...

...because we're not shipping anything out now until we're back on the 2nd January.

And I can't conceive of anyone wanting anything other than pure skate goodies!

All I want for Christmas... (2012, colourised)


I packed this year's newsletters fuller than ever with:

  • Awesome creative ideas
  • Insanely good deals
  • SUPER FUN contests
  • Seamless use of italics, bold and capital letters

And what was the most popular one, you ask?

...my Postcard from Freiburg.

As useless of a marketing email as last years winner when we spoofed a break-in by dinosaurs.

And thus, we have confirmed our long-term suspicion that conventional marketing wisdom is completely wrong and a solid email list is not, in fact, a one-way ticket to new campervans for us all. Who'd have thought it.

Luckily for me (and you?), it's fun as hell to keep it going and Rich doesn't seem to mind me spending half my week thinking of ideas.

We all truly appreciate your involvement. Thank you for every comment, reply and for sharing your stoke throughout the year. It's a pleasure to be a small part of your journey.

Merry Christmas one and all,
Matt, Danielle and Rich @ Vandem


Wait, there's more! Especially for the younger newcomers who are keen to get out with their new board over the festive period and beyond, Danielle is running a host of kids sessions on basics and pumptracks:


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