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A Postcard from Freiburg

Dear Rich & Danielle,

We are having a lovely time here in Freiburg and are full of Käsespätzle, Butterbrezeln, Bier und frische Luft!

We left the trip a bit late in the year to bomb any of the real mountain roads, they're all wet. A sprinkling of snow sits on top of the Schauinsland as a reminder of the coming winter.

It's been awesome nonetheless to check the old spots and - natürlich - the Hackbrett workshop too.

No footer at a very famous Freiburg slide hill :)

I found out why our last batch isn't with us yet - Patrick got his driving license back after a few years and simply couldn't wait to get away in his new van! I found our boards half finished but don't worry, I've got the muscle memory for that process. Stoked to be involved with the last ones. They'll be varnished next week and with us the week after.

Layback have their own skatepark right outside the shop! Who thinks we should do this at Vandem?

Its almost 10 years since I pressed the first batch of Hackbretts for Vandem. I remember asking if you had any requests for music to be played as they came into being... So of course, Paranoid and Dark Side of the Moon were blasted out loud one last time in the dream factory!

I also couldn't resist and have shaped myself a hollow core Wasser, flex 2. Absolute luxury.

Matt has been sanding this special order Wasser deck down himself today... how's that for customer service!
Hope all is well in the Vandem cave and that you're warm enough back there.
Looking forward to being back home. I have half an eye on my to do list and am aware it hasn't shrunk while I've been away.

Lots of love,
Matt in Freiburg
Here's the Layback shop! Check them out online here.


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