Loaded Longboards, Lush Longboards, New Skate Product, Sale -

These new prices are surely an April Fools...

The one time you'd expect a joke...

And we're coming at you with some serious steals.

First up, the Loaded Tesseract.

Last time we had these in, you snapped up all of the remaining UK stock! We've been waiting patiently for them to come back... and they have.

Not sure what it's about? Classic Loaded heartthrob Ethan Cochard is:


The bad news? The SRP has gone up £30. And they've only got dark blue.

The good news? Whether it's old stock or just wasn't realised... it seems that other unnamed stockists haven't twigged.

And as you know, we price-match. And we've done it for you. Don't miss out.

Next up, the Lush Nomad.

Loads of options depending on which shape and setup you're after... for as little as £110.

With a beautifully designed deck for cruising, surfy Sabre Trucks and rolling on quality Cult Wheels, there simply isn't anything out there that can compete with this for value.

The only thing Lush are missing is the heartthrob:


Last but not least, with a collective skate-experience in the shop of at least half a century, we've devoted a lot of energy to bringing that joy to as many people as possible over the years.

It is with great pleasure therefore that we can release our Vandem Skate Handle into the lineup.

10 years in prototyping - miss you Adam - the Skandle is designed to make skateboarding a lot easier.


It'll also take a lot of the pleasure out of learning a new skill, and smack you in the groin if you try an ollie.

Available at no reliable shop, anywhere.

'Til next week,
Matt @ Vandem

The Lush Nomad variants looking juicy on the rack, now at an even juicier price.

 When skating in your office with your front truck on the wrong way, it's important to use a skate handle.


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