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Timber Boards now available at Vandem

Did you know

That nearly every Axolotl in Europe is descended from the same female imported from Mexico in 1863?

That makes her the daddy.

In the case of the beautiful skateboard in the above photo, the father is similarly traceable - this time to a small facility in the Netherlands.

Timber Boards are handbuilt by Tim - and although we've had our eye on them for a while, it wasn't until we held them in our hands that we saw just how well made they are...

...and after 20+ years of handling these things, you can take our word for it.

We are mega stoked to finally have a few in the shop and to represent the brand as best we can in the UK.

First impressions

Attention to detail!

It's fairly easy to create a cool graphic - a lot of brands do that well.

Functional outlines - you'd hope most brands do that well too, though I'd certainly rate some higher than others.

Ergonomic concaves - we're into lesser-trodden territory here. Those that truly consider their riders needs and design the length of the board to suit them are rare in todays world.

Non-standard construction - I can count on one hand the brands I view as doing this properly. Experimenting with different types of wood, different composites, adding protection where necessary and removing weight elsewhere...

Timber Boards are doing all of this - and they're doing it well!

You'll have to come in and handle one for yourself to see it. Better still - for everyone involved - buy one and feel it under your feet!

Until then, check out the:
- Axolotl
- Tortini
Where I gave the description a good go and Rich has taken the photography to the next level as per usual.

It's a real treat to have these in the shop.




And, what you've all been waiting for: how high was the tower of wheels?

Thanks for all the responses, never before has a Christmassy package been so in demand! I hope you like Lebkuchen...

The tower height was... 1174mm. Congratulations Huw!

Lots of guesses at 1176mm (the correct maths on all wheel widths and one diameter added up) but the Kegel on top was sitting a few mm inside the lip, sinking the overall height of the tower slightly.

Christmas Opening Hours

For delivery by Christmas, we'll need your orders in:
For Royal Mail: 18th December
For DHL: 20th December

As for the shop, we'll be open Monday 18th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st for any last-minute gifts and then closing until the new year. We'll be back in and shipping again on the 2nd January.

I hope door #1 of your advent calendar did not disappoint,
Matt @ Vandem

  The Axolotl, 41" of freestyle finery. If you chop off the tail it won't grow back... but if it wears down gradually, you can move your wheelbase in slightly so it feels back to normal! Nobody asked the Axolotl if their new limbs felt normal anyway.



The Tortini is slightly longer at 43.3". The tail, aside from being able to "grow back" by moving your wheelbase in, is reinforced with an extra layer of bamboo sandwiched inside the carbon and glass. Super smart.


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