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Surfskates at Vandem!

Rob riding a surfskate round the shop

Let's face it.

Deep down, we all want to be this guy...

And in our ever-evolving quest to help you achieve your dreams, we are now stocking surfskates at Vandem.

I've put together a controversial FAQ here so that you, treasured reader, will have a head start in the mission... the barrels are out there!

What's a surfskate?
It's a skateboard - cruiser, infact - that's a whole lot turnier than normal due to the non-standard front truck. This allows you to pump up to speed from standing, as if you were flying down the line at your local point break. Bottom turns, cutbacks, tree barrels - it's all possible as you can see from Rob dialling lines around the shop floor.

They're mostly marketed with a lot of sand and palm trees in the background.

Wait, what front truck?
That depends on the brand you choose. Neil Carver of Carver trucks pretty much invented this category by himself, 20 years ago, when he added a swinging arm to the front of his C7 trucks. We call that a double-action truck, for obvious reasons. Nowadays, they don't have to be double-action to be super turny, though loads of popular brands still use that system.

Will it improve my surfing?
The million dollar question! Of course it will. But so does:
- Riding your regular longboard or cruiser
- Watching The Occumentary on repeat
- Going to the gym
- Surfing every day

For me only about 1% of my surfing is done standing up. The endless cat and mouse with the sets, the tide, the bottom and the locals takes up far more of my time and energy than actually ripping down the line.

They are loads of fun though.

Should I get the double-action front truck or the single?
Also the million dollar question... phwoar, $2m already!

You could read up for days on this one. For me, its about where you want to use it. Tight space, loads of obstacles, pretty flat? Double-action is as super divey as it gets. Got an incline, skatepark, or want to cover more distance? A single-action truck might be more up your alley.

Which ones have you got in?
With the classic Carver trucks, we've got options from Loaded, Arbor and Santa Cruz. We also have the Landyachtz Butter and the Pocket Knife - with foamy grip so you don't even have to put your shoes on in the car park!

We've even got a few testboards - come by and have a go.

October's my favourite month. The sun is lower, less frequent and all the more appreciated - and it's completely justified to feel a bit cosey in the evenings. Get pitted, keep warm, stay happy,
Matt @ Vandem

*At least, it would be a fun experiment for an hour or so...

The juiciest option we've got, if I had to pick one. Loaded wood and the classic double-action surfskate truck, the Carver C7. There's a CX version too.

The Butter Black Lines - the single-action front truck on here is almost like a normal longboard truck. The angle is super high and the bushings taller though, and the end result is a surfskate that needs less maintenance and can handle itself with a little speed, too. Good job, Landyachtz.


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