Loaded Longboards, New Skate Product -

The new Loaded Chinchiller - now at Vandem

*And bio-resin... and sexy nylon snowboard topsheets!

They've got the hottest riders in America...

...the most high-tech, juicy snowboard construction out of Dubai...

...wicked digital art graphics out of Barcelona...

But they still needed a name.

Don and Pablo of Loaded travelled far and wide, searching for a cosmopolitan metropolis advanced enough to offer the inspiration they needed.

They touched down... What's that smell?

In the distance, a buzz, society a-babble. A timeless welcome rang in the air. Instinct told them they were in the right place...

Alreet me luvverr?

The rest is history.

And so, we waved Don and Pablo off at Bristol airport with extra hold luggage full of pies, cider and extra R's to add to the end of every word they came across.

And the Chinchiller was born.

A symmetrical 34" deck with small kicks, subtle 3D features and a comfy rocker and concave, the Chinchiller really is a great board for Bristol - and most cities.

Naturally, being an integral part of naming this beauty, we got first dibs.

Deck only for those of you with enough trucks and wheels to last a lifetime... Three levels of complete for anyone not yet at that stage, built by us, just for you.

It's spring, the suns out and its the perfect weekend to resurrect your love for your longboard after the dark winter.

See you out there,
Matt @ Vandem

The classic countertop shot to show:
a) Yes, she really is a looker
b) Yes, we really have it in stock and we really have a shop.
This was not clear to one customer this week who called up to make sure we weren't a fake shop. Are we missing some trust signals? Do you believe we are real? Let me know.


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