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Longboard Events 2024

Whether you like to go fast or slow...

...there's a longboard event that'll suit you, don't ya know.

We can't recommend it highly enough. There's something special about jumping on the train with your gear to meet friends new and old.

The years calendar is shaping up - whether you want to go downhill, dance, slide, cruise, fix up your bearings or paint your deck, it's all here.

The common thread: you'll have a jolly good time.

Check out our events calendar here. I recommend bookmarking it as many more events will pop up as the year progesses.

The flagship Bristol event:

The longest running, most inclusive longboard event in the country by Lush Longboards.

Since 2006, we've been meeting in a park in Bath and skating along the Sustrans cycle route back to Bristol. 15 miles of traffic-free cruising, a hundred or more smiling faces in the sunshine.

It ends with a massive pumptrack session and a gargantuan raffle, with all proceeds going to charity. Last year we raised over £4,000 for MacMillan.

This years event is on the 8th September. Don't miss it!

Vandem events:

Following the success of last years in-shop events, most notably make a salad paint your board night, we've currently got 5 Vandem events lined up for summer.

6th May: Kicking off with some pre-season board maintenance in the shop

Introducing: Going for a roll up. Inspired by my grandparents' bowls habit. Once a month, a gentle cruise along the bike path, all together, followed by a chinwag at a local watering hole. Beginner friendly! That's 6th June, 4th July, 1st August.

6th August: Paint your board night! I can't promise another awe-inspiring salad but if you speak nicely to Danielle and I, perhaps something could be arranged.

Other events

Check the calendar! There are downhill freerides, dancing meets, slide sessions, even 24-hour ultraskates to get your teeth into.

If you're organising something and would like it to feature on our calendar - or even a newsletter - shoot me the details. Lets talk!

I'll be at most of them... see you there,
Matt @ Vandem

Wanting to go fast? We're waiting on dates for Tregaron freeride - it's where you want to be!
Can't promise you'll go as fast as this man, though.
Dan S, corner 2, 2023.
Prefer to get tricky on the flat? Well, it can also be scary..!
Docks Games - a London based celebration of community, dance and freestyle.


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