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Longboard Event: Push Forward Festival 2023

Thanks for all your responses last week!

I know I said I wasn't looking at the weight data... but you are a trim lot, aren't you?

If you missed it last week - fill in our bushing survey here. For these reasons.

And now - on to business!

Our very own Danielle is organising a longboard festival at the end of September.

It's called Push Forward Festival - a weekend full of longboarding, live music, workshops, movie premieres and talks.

Organised by women and open to all, the skate-focus is on cruising, dancing and surfskating - though downhill workshops will also feature!

The focus elsewhere is on inclusivity. When you're pooped from the morning skate, you can sit, reflect, learn, inspire and be inspired.

I believe this trick is called the flippity-dippity. I cannot do it.

Despite that, due to the aforementioned inclusivity, I am still welcome at the festival.

But in all seriousness, the Longboard Girls Crew are a genuine bunch. Hard-working (ask Danielle how late she stays up working on the site), passionate, friendly and a great community to spend a weekend in the company of.

The festival is running the weekend of the 30th Sept - 1st Oct in Barcelona, Spain. A good portion of the locals here are heading out - feel free to get in touch if you want to organise travel plans with a welcoming crew.

I guarantee you'll come away invigorated and optimistic. And probably bruised.

I'd end every weekend feeling like that if I could.

Time to jump right into Friday night, then!
Matt @ Vandem


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