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We've got a crazy idea and we need your help...

Under the harmless pretense of

helping the local scene to get their boards cleaned up and rolling smoother than ever before, we began enacting a plan.

A plan so bold that no longboard shop or manufacturer has ever dared before.

Not content with offering a free set of bushings with completes, may I present our new mission:

Every new board will be customised for you, the rider

With just the 3 of us in the shop we have limited data available, so we wanted to have all the locals jump on a variety of boards to see what worked for their weights, tastes and experience...

But it rained all night so we had to make do with just helping out.


We want to make sure the bushing durometers we are sending out are right for the riders they're destined for - so we're asking for your help.

We'll be checking the results over the next few weeks as well as recruiting friends and children to test boards for us before we go live with the changes.

Once we do, we'll certainly be the first and only longboard shop offering this level of service and customisation...

...which, if you look roughly like me (~70kg) may not bother you, as most boards are designed to work well for us.

The majority of humans however, are not that. And that seems a silly reason for them not to be able to fully experience the joy of carving along on a properly set up board!

So, with your help, we're making it happen.

Thanks in advance! You already know there'll be something shiny in your next order if you mention that you participated in the survey.

Lots of rain incoming this weekend. The options as I see them are:
- Go kayaking,
- Stay in and chill with the cat,
- Move to Bulgaria.

I'm torn,
Matt @ Vandem

Ok, so the main image above wasn't actually a human testing night - it was our board maintenance evening in the shop. We cleaned up some impressively rusty bearings, solved a lot of squeaky trucks and generally had a good natter.


We've got a "Customise yer griptape" session coming up on the 3rd August. Meg jumped the gun and the Luca came looking that good from the factory - come along, get crafty and leave with a griptape job that'll have you grinning every time you look down at your board!


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