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Longboard Event Announcement: Tregaron Freeride is back!

And it has been for some time...

It's a topic I rarely broach via this blog/newsletter. Common sense says:
- It's scary
- There's nowhere safe to practise
- Won't you get hurt?

I can well understand the misgivings. Starting out, many years ago, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to go as fast as possible down a hill.

The more you carve, the slower you go, the longer you have to enjoy it!*

But there is another side to the story...

You're soaring... inches above the tarmac. Metres from friends, lost together in the same world, weightless. Hyper-aware, fully surrendered, wanting more.

Downhill skateboarding is fun as hell. And it doesn't have to hurt! You can build up within your comfort zone, slowly but surely.

We are therefore super stoked to let you know about an upcoming downhill skate event in Wales:
- No traffic
- No walking up hills
- No worries!

Running on the weekend of the 2nd - 3rd of September, Tregaron Freeride makes a great introduction to the world of going down hills - and a great place for those who are into it to push themselves, too.

Rumour has it that this year will include beginner workshops with yours truly...

Check out the website and signup here - I'll see you there.

In slightly related news, the clocks are changing this weekend! For many, that means skate season is starting with a chance to get out in the light for a little cruise after work.

After a long and hard winter, it's worth checking your board for any of the following symptoms. Take care of your setup and it will take care of you:

- Bearings crunchy and seized - learn how to clean them
- Griptape covered in questionable brown stains - how to regrip
- Bushings stiff and cracked - no quick fix here, get new ones!
- Slide gloves sporting a new ecosystem grown almost entirely out of sweat

Our Spares section has got you covered, but the reality is, you're probably fine. Get out there and enjoy!

And, finally, the clock in my car will display the correct time again,
Matt @ Vandem

*Interestingly, old age has led me full circle and I am overcome with yearning for turning, dreaming of leaning. Carving, be it down a hill, through deep powder, or along an ocean wave, is one of the greatest pleasures of life.

Streetluging is also an option at Tregaron. No need for specialist equipment, you can use your regular longboard. I can't give you many tips for this, but there'll be enough people there who can!


Some new bearings for £15 is a better start to the year than your old ones exploding as you cruise along. I can very much assure you of that from multiple personal experiences. I might even take my own advice this year.


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