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Hackbrett 2018 in stock now!

We've just taken delivery some more Hackbrett decks!

We now have:

Das Schnelle downhill/Freeride deck. This is a super-fun DH board with a kicktail, some real nice 3D concave, and loads of other features like flat truck seats and CNC details. The 2018 version is a little bit narrower than last year's which makes the deck a bit more nimble and the rails a bit easier to get your feet over.

The Krokodil symetrical freeride/slide deck - basically two Schnelle noses stuck together to create a perfect shorter twintip slide setup

The Balance Pintail in Walnut - one of the sexiest looking decks in the shop, it's a classic longboard pintail shape with all the handbuilt Hackbrett quality as standard.

The Wasser - a giant swallowtail that is up there for the title of "if we could have one board in the shop for ourselves right now it would be this one" championship - even though at over 50" long, it's a bit of a monster!

We are building all these decks up as completes with a couple of stock undercarriage options, but if you want a custom build, just give us a shout and we'll make it happen!

You can check out all the Hackbrett stuff we have in stock here. If you want us to bring something special in for you, get in touch!



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