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Getting the youth back on the streets...

I have a confession to make...

I am not writing todays newsletter from our Bristol shop.

In the interest of quality journalism, I booked a trip to coincide with the arrival of the new Carver 2024 completes to truly feel the essence of these boards.

As it is, after 2 hours of left runners at sunrise I'm too surfed out to even begin to describe them.

...I think that's the essence I was looking for.

Carver "Mini Series" Kids Surfskates These things are rad - epic graphics, shorter, lighter construction, and the best thing of all: they've put soft bushings in them specifically for the young guns.

This is the kind of attention to detail that sets a brand apart and - apart from ourselves - they're the first we've seen to take that initiative.

So if your child is perpetually salty - sweeten them up with a fresh Carver surfskate that'll have them surfed out whatever the conditions.

Bedtime was never simpler.

For me, it's time for 2nd lunch,
Matt @ Vandem

The 27" Zapper Snapper - medium in stature, loud by nature. 7 ply maple so mum and dad could jump on too... if they can handle it!
We also took the opportunity to get the infamous Carver Pipewrench on our shelves. A true all-in-one skate tool... it quite literally is a pipe, and a wrench. It'll fit in your pocket and nobody else has one so there's marginally less chance your mates will nick it at the session. We like it.


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