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Bored of your board?

*They were already creative masterminds, we just provided a roof and some boxes

It's cold, its dark...

But you can still scratch that skate itch!

While I was away last week, Rob opened up the shop one evening to do exactly that.

Redoing your board graphic is a fun, inexpensive and creative way to spend a winter evening. And I have found over the years, that when I've put some time, thought and love into a board then I tend to really love riding the outcome!

If you're particularly fond of your current board, we have an ongoing sale of blanks, blems and samples on the site - perfect for a first try without breaking the bank, or your favourite deck.

Otherwise, all you need can be found at any self-respecting art shop:

  • Spray paint
  • Paint pens
  • Masking tape
  • Tracing paper


You can really do as much or as little as you like. Simple fades with spray cans can be enhanced with masked stripes. Print off images or trace them from books. The only limit is your imagination!

Imagination not working? I feel you. At pottery painting, age 10, I came up with this epic design:

Don't be too jealous. I painted a surfboard on the other side, and put the fins on backwards...

If you're really not into it, though, there are still a few options for winter fun.

  • Go surfing! You'll need a thick suit but the waves are pumping
  • Do what I did, apologise to mother nature and book a flight to southern Portugal...
  • Or for the bravest among you - fully embrace the cold (and send us a video):



Though I'm not sure I'd want to put screws in my new Orangatang wheels to achieve this... simply skating in the rain would be cheaper!

Reply to this email if you want to come by for a painting evening and we'll get a date booked in.

And as Rich said this time last year: There's plenty to be stoked about in winter, it's just a bit colder.
Matt @ Vandem


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  • I love reading these and checking out what’s on here, it also takes all my self control not to buy anymore boards ! Keep the posts and news coming they make my day sometimes

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