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Blem sale: up to 50% off

Grab yourself a bargain...

It's become markedly wintery already.

At walk time the dog went and hid, and when I went to grab my skateboard I saw the same look in its eyes. It's crusty, crunchy bearing eyes.

It's been lovingly abused all season, surely it deserves a break! And anyway, maybe it'd be nice to try a different shape.

And that's where we come in.

Whether you are keen on trying something bigger or smaller, want a cheap board for salty winter skates or simply want to have one extra for your mate to grab next time they're over* - have a browse of this seasons blemished Arbor completes.

Save up to 50% on Arbor's latest models - all for the sake of a little scratch or slightly cloudy wheels.

We just snuck these online and you've got first pick - but they won't hang around long.

The scratches are photographed on each product. Barely visible - I'd be very disappointed if it didn't have many more after the first session.

And finally, if you've been waiting for us to open on a weekend again, I'm sorry it's taken so long...

We still aren't.

But, I will be opening the shop tomorrow, Saturday 30th September, at 10:00am sharp. I can't hang around long but if you can get here, I'll have some biscuits at the ready.

Skateboards, too.

May the changing season bring you joy,
Matt @ Vandem

*Road rash is a good look on everyone


The amount of suppliers that would throw us this and refuse to knock anything off the price... 😂 Thanks to Chris and Arbor for the honesty and the opportunity to pass these on as great deals. We struggled to find most of the issues.
This one's bad. The wheels are slightly cloudy and there's a mark on the trucks. Goodness. Barely rideable. As such, it's reduced from £169.99 to £87.99. Do with that information as you will... but do it fast.


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