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A first for Vandem...

But seriously...

Danielle is female.

And can you believe it, this is the first time we've had one of those working in the shop.

That's a positive change for a plethora of reasons, but it's not why we she's joined the team. That's more because Danielle:

  • Is as dedicated as they come
  • Wants everyone to enjoy longboarding to its fullest
  • Has the knowledge to make that happen
  • Is bursting with inspiration, perspective and positivity

And this is so much more than just a retail job! Every day is a challenge - navigating multinational supply chains, reacting to changing customer needs and outplaying the big box-movers.

To make Vandem work we need our wits about us and a whole lot of heart...

And Danielle's bursting at the seams with them both.

So if you call us up and are greeted with an upbeat female voice - say hello and let her know how stoked we are to have her on board!

Talking of multinational supply chains... I suppose I should also mention that we've had a fresh delivery of Landyachtz Longboards arrive on our doorstep.

Designed in Canada, distributed from the Netherlands and on it's way to you via the four of us in Bristol.

Proper job.

The roads are dry, the waves are small and clean, the kettles on. It's going to be a good weekend,
Matt @ Vandem


The Landyachtz Banana Drop Cat Journey.
As carvey as they come, they never hang around long...

The local corner spot with Danielle. She's also been spotted bombing the local neighbourhoods in a hi-vis jacket. Love it.


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