, sabre-built-in-labyrinth-bearings -

Can't sing these guys praises enough.

Bought all the parts to assemble a new longboard towards the end of the first lockdown and the guys at Vandem were unbelievably helpful with helping me fine tune what brands and styles to go for to get exactly what I wanted out of the parts on the board.

The board rides amazing and everything Vandem recomended has done nothing but reign true. Hundreds of miles of fun so far and still so many more to come.

2 summers later I was cleaning, greasing and rebuilding my bearings and the chair I was sat on spontaneously collapsed sending the small ball bearings flying in every which direction.

Called Vandem to get some advice on where to source either the ball bearings themselves or a full single bearing and they immediately dispatched a single new bearing that matched my set saving me having to buy a full new set!

Stellar service, products and people.

Only wish I had left my review sooner like I kept telling myself I would.

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