We pride ourselves on our customer service!

As a result, Vandem Longboard Shop is rated 5 stars based on 484 reviews. This is a combination of reviews on our Google Business Page, and reviews that customers have sent us via email.

Much like everyone else I am simply blown away by these guys- buying online has never been so enjoyable. When I was a kid skating felt so inaccessible to me- these guys clearly understand how combative and ominous skate shops used to be and are trying to push away that vibe. I've literally never had an email from a shop that has put me in a good mood- Adam has now sent me an absolute boatload. Good work guys- cant wait to order again!
Awesomest skate shop! Just a bunch of great guys with a passion for what they do and time to help, sound advice, speedy delivery and stellar customer service. Customer for life!