We pride ourselves on our customer service!

As a result, Vandem Longboard Shop is rated 5 stars based on 481 reviews. This is a combination of reviews on our Google Business Page, and reviews that customers have sent us via email.

Most incredible customer service ever.

I called Adam because my young son (8) had decided he wanted a longboard. Adam actually SPOKE TO HIM PERSONALLY ON THE PHONE to find out what he wanted a longboard for. How many shops would actually take an 8 yr old seriously and talk to him?

Because he did, Adam realised that what my boy needed was not actually a longboard but a board he could learn tricks on. Even though he didn't stock what we needed, he advised us on what to get and then ordered it in. He also went out of his way to sort me out with what I think is probably a deeply cool deck that I'm too much of a noob to really appreciate.

He kept up constant email contact throughout the ordering process and then when we went to pick up the boards, he put one of them together in front of us so we could see how they fit together. To do all that and dissuade an 8 yr old from something he had his heart set on - well, any Dad can tell you that takes some doing.

One thing shone through: Adam loves skateboarding and was genuinely excited about getting us started on our new decks. Vandem isn't a normal high street business, Adam has his whole heart in it, and it shows.