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What's a scratch worth to you?

What's a scratch worth to you?

5% off, 10%?

I mean, they're sort of designed to be scratched, albeit not by the factory.

What if it's just a bit of sharpie?

How about 20% off?

Just this week we got our hands on a racks worth of blemished Arbor completes.

Believe it or not, it wasn't a decision we took lightly. Filling the market with the cheapest boards possible doesn't exactly fit our business or personal ethos!

But the fact is they're decent boards with solid undercarriages, hardly damaged and in a variety of graphics that we can't usually get our hands on..., if we don't sell them, someone else will. Someone with no soul. And when these things have the opportunity to bring so much joy, it seems a shame to let that happen.

These boards are available in-store only so if you happen to be in Bristol, pop in.

If you don't happen to be here, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

And talking of joy - what a week it's been!

We spent yesterday evening customising griptape in the shop:

The usual suspects. If you happen to be looking for a hat to keep the sun (or more accurately, rain) off your head while you surf, Charlie (left) has got you covered.


Bristol local Bumpy slid himself into a cool 2nd place at KnK in Slovenia:

Bumpy used to join us age 13 at BVR in Bristol and couldn't believe how we were sliding down that hill. My, how the turns have tabled. Congrats mate.

The UK Ultraskate somehow avoided all the rain last weekend:

Come the end, whether having skated 25 miles or 250, everyone shared the achey legs, the massive grin and huge sense of achievement and camraderie that comes with such an event.


We're also currently awaiting our first Loaded Fathoms in the shop...

Shoot me an email if this one's calling to you - they're thin on the ground! They're also around £400. Crazy. But that's Loaded and I'm excited to hold one in my hands to really feel the design and finish that makes it worth every penny.


That's all for my Vandem picturebook newsletter today.

Sending lots of love out to friends far and wide,
Matt @ Vandem


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